Surfing the Web for Online Music Videos?

Well you are in luck! We’re putting together a great resource for all things online music (that is when we aren’t busy playing online poker games). Check out our lyrics section for some of the most requested lyrics videos or learn more about the top music download and mp3 music sites.

We are still building out the site and some of the content, so please check back for more videos and great content!

We hope to not only add more content but to get a forum going as well so everyone can discuss their favorite online music sites and the best ways to stream online. At any rate, enjoy the site and we hope to see you again shortly!

Speaking of poker games and music, check out this awesome ambient music to listen to as you play. After all, as a recent article in PsychologyToday noted, a lot of popular songs can be really distracting and prevent you from fully concentrating on what you are doing.